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Pensions in Ukraine will be indexed by a new method
More than half of pensioners in Ukraine receive a pension of less than 2,000 UAH. After the indexation they will receive more.
The price of bread in Ukraine can jump by 25% - expert’s opinion
On average, bread will become more expensive by 2 UAH
The price of the main product on Ukrainian tables can be significantly increased after harvesting. Such a forecast is given by Ivan Tomich, the president of Association of farmers and private landowners.
More than half of Ukrainians stopped trusting banks – the survey
More than half of Ukrainians do not trust banks
Following on from the results of 2017, 53% of Ukrainians do not trust the banks; at the same time, this figure was 19% in 2015.
Only 3% of waste is recycled in Ukraine
According to experts, only 3% of waste is recycled on the territory of Ukraine.
How did prices for basic products changed in Ukraine?
On the page of the office of effective regulation on Facebook it is said that the cost of cooking vareniki (dumplings) has increased by 5% this year.
Ukrainian producer of construction sets will start sales in Disney stores
Disney itself turned to Ukrainian Ugears with a proposal for cooperation
Ukrainian company Ugears is ready to supply the first batch of its wooden construction sets from Disney.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine told how many Ukrainian visas were issued to the Champions League fans
Fans of the Champions League at the airport are waiting for the issuance of visas
Ukrainian consuls abroad work 24 hours a day to quickly issue visas to foreigners who travel to Ukraine for the final matches of the Champions League.
Petrol prices went up sharply at Ukrainian gas stations
Petrol prices for A-92 – up to 28.00 UAH / liter, A-95 – up to 29.00 UAH / liter, A-95 + - up to 31.80 UAH / l, DT – up to 26.20 UAH / l
During the period from 21 to 22 May in Ukraine, retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel increased.
Ukraine has signed a law on the simplification of imports of foreign-made cars
The need to have a certificate of vehicles' compliance with environmental standards will be canceled in Ukraine
Yesterday, on May 21, Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, signed a law on the abolition of the inspection of vehicles' compliance with environmental standards when they are imported into Ukraine.
Currency in Ukraine very fell in price for the first time in eight months
The currency fell in price
The euro and dollars have fallen in price.
Druzhkovka will receive half a million UAH for the implementation of social projects
Evgeny Tsymarman presented the project “The City with Our Own Hands” to the residents of Druzhkovka
Under the social partnership with the city budget, VESKO Company will allocate 500,000 UAH to improve the social sphere of the city. What exactly financing will go on is still unknown. The winning project will be determined on a competitive basis.
Ukraine adopted a law on currency: what will change for Ukrainians
The document was supported by 253 members of parliament
The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On Currency” in the first reading. This document should simplify the life of Ukrainians who deal with foreign currency.
How a subsidy is issued to private entrepreneurs from May 1 in Ukraine?
A subsidy is calculated for private entrepreneurs, like for all other citizens of Ukraine. It is done depending on the total income of the family.
Large state enterprises of the Donbass will be privatized
Large enterprises will come under hammer
The decision on this was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Today, on April 27, purses of Ukrainians will grow heavy
The country's budget will save almost a billion hryvnia due to the introduction of iron coins instead of paper ones. Since iron serves 20 years, and paper - only a year.
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