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The rally continues: Miners beneath the walls of the Cabinet require paying debts on wages
Several dozen miners from all over Ukraine are picketing the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Today, about fifty miners gathered beneath the walls of the Cabinet and demand debt repayment of wages.
Miners from all over Ukraine hold a mass-meeting beneath the walls of Rada
Miners are holding a mass-meeting
Miners from all over Ukraine gathered beneath the walls of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev. Several hundred people went to the meeting demanding to save coal-mining industry.
Belarus transferred about 80 tons of humanitarian supplies to the Donbass
Trucks with humanitarian supplies
75 sets of desks and chairs for primary classes, 150 school furniture sets for high schoolers, 44 refrigerators, several dozens of dry issues – this is the content of four trucks which came to the Donbass from Belarus.
An adventure park will appear in the scout center of Pokrovsk
Work on land improvement around the new “Junior Trackers” youth center began in Pokrovsk
The center's courtyard will be reconstructed into an interactive site in order to involve young people in the summer. When the repair work is completed, an adventure park and a playground will be built here. Also, there will be an open outdoor performance stage and summ...
“Clean Coast of the Donets”: Water-management specialists celebrated the professional holiday with cleaning
The ecological action "Clean Coast of the Donets" was held in Svyatogorsk. The staff of the Seversky-Donets Basin Water Management Unit cleaned the river's banks.
The project “Programmer 2018” started in Ukraine
The qualifying stage of the “Programmer 2018” project was held, which was launched by the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation on March 15. The competition is realized for students of IT-specialties. Its goal is to encourage active, talented and motivated young professionals to ...
Separate areas of the Sea of Azov will be closed
Sea of Azov will be partially closed
The Armed Forces of Ukraine will hold exercises in this territory.
Zhebrivsky stipulated a condition for repairing schools in the Donbass
Two schools in the Donbass must be repaired by the autumn
Two schools – the schools in Mangush and Nikolskoe must be repaired in the Donbass until September 1.
Center for entrepreneurs-innovators will be opened in Mariupol
The opening of the center is scheduled for May 30
In Mariupol, by the end of this month, a center for entrepreneurs introducing the latest developments into their business projects will be opened in Mariupol.
Borys Kolesnikov: “Poroshenko has not fulfilled the promise of peace in Ukraine”
Borys Kolesnikov in the studio of the “NewsOne” TV channel
Borys Kolesnikov in the studio of the “NewsOne” TV channel.
Deputies of Kramatorsk began to fight illegal metal drop-offs
On the initiative of the deputies of the city council there was a meeting in Kramatorsk, during which the present tried to find ways to overcome the problem of the operation of illegal metal drop-offs.
Druzhkovka will receive half a million UAH for the implementation of social projects
Evgeny Tsymarman presented the project “The City with Our Own Hands” to the residents of Druzhkovka
Under the social partnership with the city budget, VESKO Company will allocate 500,000 UAH to improve the social sphere of the city. What exactly financing will go on is still unknown. The winning project will be determined on a competitive basis.
Ice arena may appear in Pokrovsk
Residents of Pokrovsk have been dreaming of an ice arena
The necessary funds for construction can be allocated by the city, regional and state budgets. And HC "Donbass" will provide a modern ice arena with coaches, personnel, techniques and equipment.
The crash of MN17 flight in the Donbass: Australia will allocate $ 50 million for an investigation
Australia will financially support the Netherlands in the investigation of the MN17 flight crash in the Donbass
The Australian Government will allocate more than $ 50 million to support the investigation of the MN17 tragedy in the Donbass, which continues in the Netherlands.
The President of Ukraine discussed the issue of Ukrainian hostages
Petro Poroshenko discussed with Merkel and Macron the questions concerning the Ukrainian hostages.
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