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Small bribetakers are daily recorded at the checkpoints of the Donbass
Citizens who pass through the checkpoints, do not like their cars to be checked. They try to give a bribe for passage without checking.
Illegal coal mining: 5 people were detained in the Donbass
Five people who illegally mined coal were detained in Mariinka district
A group of violators engaged in illegal coal mining was exposed in the area of the Operation of the United forces in the Mariinka district of the Donetsk region.
How many people were missing in the Donbass during the military conflict?
About three thousand people disappeared for three years in the Donetsk region; photo from open sources
Since the beginning of the conflict in the Donbass, people have forcibly and daily disappeared.
“That ain't gonna happen”: Babchenko is alive, operation by special forces of the Security Service of Ukraine was successful
Babchenko thanked the SSU for saving his life, and apologized to his wife, who was not aware of the staging of the murder / Photo by Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters
The journalist Arkady Babchenko is alive, he did not die yesterday. On May 30 in Kiev, the SSU detained the suspect organizer of the murder of journalist Arkady Babchenko. This was announced at a briefing by Vasily Hrytsak, the head of the special service. Babchenko him...
Tuberculosis dispensary was under fire in Toretsk
During the shelling, the patients were evacuated, a photo from open sources
16 windows were damaged and the gas pipe was destroyed.
Police detained a drug dealer with cocaine for 600 thousand dollars
The man was carrying more than 3.5 kg of cocaine
The National Police Officers detained a man who carried 3.5 kg of cocaine.
Seven houses were damaged during the shelling in Toretsk
Three streets were under shelling; photo from open sources
No casualties or deaths have been reported.
The resident of Kramatorsk hit her husband with a knife during a quarrel
In police department of Kramatorsk there was a message that the 43-year-old resident of Kramatorsk stabbed her husband in the waist.
It was decided to demolish burned SEC in Kemerovo
The authorities of Kemerovo decided to demolish the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, where a tragic fire had occurred not so long ago.
6 parties were involved in the bribery of elections in 40 communities, - Committee of Voters of Ukraine
The police opened three criminal proceedings on the fact of bribery of voters.
Border patrol did not let pass a batch of illegal cigarettes to Mariupol from certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions
A man tried to transfer in the luggage compartment of the car 450 packs of cigarettes “Priluki” without excise labels
Ukrainian border patrol did not let pass a batch of tobacco products without excise labels. A man tried to transport it from temporarily uncontrolled territory to Mariupol.
Scammers left a resident of Druzhkovka without a phone and 5000 UAH
Photo from open sources
The desire to buy a mobile phone on the Internet turned into a loss money for a local resident.
Drug trafficker was exposed in Bakhmut
In the village of Minkovka in the Bahmut district, it turned out that the father of a small child produced Marihuana right in his village.
The couple tried to sell tons of expired sweets in Donetsk
Expired sweets, a photo-snapshot from the operational video of the Ministry of the Interior of the DNR
The residents of the uncontrolled Donetsk were fed with expired sweets for a long time. A married couple tried to get rid of several tons of products, assuring the quality of the goods.
How those who violate the rules of crossing checkpoints are punished?
The man hid money under his clothes
The residents of an uncontrolled territory are trying to transport the valuables, as well as money.
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