Staff of the OUF told who received medical humanitarian supplies
Nursing homes in the Lugansk region received humanitarian supplies under the humanitarian initiative “Help–East”
Medical humanitarian supplies arrived in the Donbass from France yesterday as part of the strategic humanitarian aid “Help-East”. They were distributed to nursing homes for elderly and disabled in the Lugansk region.
Humanitarian supplies from France arrived in the Lugansk region
Lugansk region received humanitarian supplies from France
Bales with diapers for adults of the “Hartmann” Company were provided by the “Medical and Charitable Assistance France-Ukraine” association.
What blood group is missing in Kramatorsk?
In order to earn the title of an honorary donor, it is necessary to give at least 40 liters of blood.
“Caritas of Ukraine” launches a project to support settlers
Within three years it is planned to provide psychosocial assistance to approximately 1,000 people
The Charitable Foundation “Caritas Ukraine” launched the project “Strengthening of local self-organization and social cohesion of communities in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine”, which will be implemented until April 2021.
Belarus sent humanitarian supplies to Ukraine
Convoys with humanitarian supplies for Ukraine
The humanitarian cargo included refrigerators, food and furniture.
The Red Cross sent humanitarian supplies to the Donbass
The Red Cross regularly sends humanitarian supplies to the Donbass
Two trucks with humanitarian cargo from the International Committee of the Red Cross went to uncontrolled territories.
UNICEF sent humanitarian supplies to Donbass
The trucks from humanitarian aid were sent to the territory of the Donbass
Representation of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) sent three trucks of humanitarian supplies to the Donbass.
Settlers can receive a social scholarship
The documents should be submitted until April 15.
Every second family receives subsidies in the Donetsk region
Donetsk region ranks second in Ukraine in terms of the number of subsidies provided. According to statistics, every second family in the Donbass is covered by the housing subsidy program.
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