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The Ministry of Health announced the abolition of annual medical examinations of public employees
For 15 years all state employees had to undergo annual medical examinations in medical institutions
The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, following the abolition of regular medical examinations, suggests canceling annual medical examinations of public employees.
Druzhkovka: It is possible to sign the declaration with a doctor not only in the hospital, but in the Centre for the Delivery of Administrative Services
You can come to the Centre for the Delivery of Administrative Services for a certificate and simultaneously sign a declaration with a doctor
A representative of the city's medical institutions will be working in the Centre for the Delivery of Administrative Services for completion the declarations with a doctor.
There is a threat to the health of residents in Slavyansk
The police checked the documents of sellers in the floating market of the city
Today, on June 8, in a floating market located on the Lev Tolstoy Street in Slavyansk, a police raid took place to prevent unauthorized trade on this place, not intended for commercial activities.
Taste the air: dusty nights in Mariupol
Photo by
The morning in Mariupol began with the negative posts of city residents on the pages of social networks. Facebook is full of photos of smog-bound city.
Ukraine will face a five-day magnetic storm
Flash on the Sun / Photo: NASA
Weather-dependent people may feel worse.
Ukrainians were told when to wait for serum from botulism
At the moment, there is no antitoxin in our country
Serum from botulism will be in Ukraine only in August - September this year.
Suprun told how to heal burns correctly
Ulyana Suprun, acting Minister of Health, warns Ukrainians against using oil, sour cream or aloe for the treatment of burns.
Children's recreation center will be opened in Mariupol
The implementation of the five-year program provides for almost 8 billion UAH
Mariupol authorities will allocate 8 billion UAH for a project to improve the quality of social services for citizens.
A new cure for cancer appeared in Ukraine
Medicinal drug Cosmegen / Photo from open sources
Today the drug was officially registered and will soon be delivered by the United Nations Development Programme.
A dangerous parasitic disease was registered in the Kharkov region
Dangerous disease is borne by mosquitoes, gadflies and other bloodsuckers
In Kharkov, in the Dergachevsky district, a case of dirofilariasis was registered - a dangerous infection that is borne by mosquitoes.
Suprun told how to avoid skin cancer
Uliana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, said what can help to survive the summer without harm to health, as well as how to be protected from skin cancer.
Tariffs for medical services for patients were approved in Ukraine
The campaign to sign declarations with doctors was launched on April 2
Today, on April 25, the Cabinet approved a tariff for the payment of medical services for primary health care in the amount of 370 UAH per year for servicing one patient who signed the declaration with the doctor.
Sale of several more drugs was banned in Ukraine
Several popular drugs were manufactured by Ukrainian producers for another country. These medicines are not even registered in Ukraine.
Suprun dispelled another myth, describing the dangers of antibiotics
Uncontrolled use of antibiotics can cause resistance to certain bacteria.
How to call your doctor at home?
Medical reform does not cancel the house call, on the contrary, now the patient will decide the need for such an call directly with the doctor.
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