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An outbreak of African swine fever was recorded in the Donbass
Nine corpses of wild pigs were found on June 19
Nine corpses of wild pigs were found on the territory of the hunting ground of the Yampolsky forestry.
Water pipe-line was damaged in the Donbass
Five settlements can remain without water due to this damage, and this is more than a million people.
Residents of the village of Sartana near Mariupol complain about the invasion of foxes
There were cases when foxes gnawed poultry and small cattle.
Urzuf: Go to the beach and die waiting for an ambulance
Vacationers on the beach of the village of Urzuf near Mariupol fought for life of a man waiting for rescuers and ambulance for about an hour. The arrived doctors attested death. Local journalists learned about the incident.
OSCE monitors were under fire in the Volnovakha region
The SMM staff members / Photo from open sources
The incident occurred on June 14 in the village of Pikuzy in the Volnovakha district of the Donetsk region. The monitors of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE came under fire from small arms.
There was an accident involving a share taxi in Kramatorsk
Fortunately, none of the passengers were seriously injured.
Woman drove at the border guard at the “Novotroitskoe” Checkpoint
Photo: SBGSU
Today, on June 9, at the “Novotroitskoe” Checkpoint, a woman driving a Chevrolet made a deliberate hit on a border guard who carried out the registration of persons and vehicles. That was reported by the press service of the Donetsk border guard detachment.
Rescuers reduced the fire area in the Chernobyl zone
Rescuers reduced the fire area to 1.5 hectares
Rescuers reduced the fire area to 1.5 hectares.
The cause of the fire at the Chernobyl nuclear-power plant was arson
Firefighters continue to eliminate the fire of dry grass in the area of the Chernobyl NPP. Specialists do not exclude the arson.
Flooding of mines in the Donbass has led to ground subsidence in the region
Illustrative image / Photo from open sources
In fact, the surface of Donetsk falls through.
The road corridor to the “Novotroitskoe” Checkpoint came under fire
Bullet holes / Photo: Valeria Karpilenko, Facebook
Bullet holes remained in the concrete shelter of the “Berezovoe” Checkpoint (not far from the “Novotroitskoye” Checkpoint) on the Donetsk-Mariupol road corridor.
Two people drowned in the water bodies of the Donetsk region for a day
Divers of State Emergency Service of Ukraine get the bodies of the deceased, photo from an open source
People continue to tragically die in ponds, water bodies and rivers.
Disconnection of Slavkurort – DTEK (power generating company) responded with a press release
The residents of the Slavkurort microdistrict have applied for explanations to the city department of DTEK (Power Generating Company of the Donetsk region). Their microdistrict is left without electricity for the night. People did not get official answers.
Death from botulism was recorded in Kiev
The woman ate made in-house dried fish
The woman died in the hospital, despite the injection of a special serum.
Drunk driving was almost fatal for a motorcyclist from Dobropolye district
The trip to the liquor store ended in a hospital
The trip on a motorcycle for the next portion of alcohol ended in an accident. The driver with numerous injuries is hospitalized.
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