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How many summer subsidies were assigned in Konstantinovka?
In total, eight thousand residents of Konstantinovka have the right for state aid in the form of subsidies to utility services this summer.
Due to the accident at water pipe-line, the supply of water will be reduced in Dobropolye
Nobody knows for how long the repair will be delayed
The emergency situation at the water pipe-line caused additional inconvenience to the residents of the city and the district in the summer.
The implementation of the law on housing and utility services was postponed to the next year
The law, which postponed the introduction of the law on housing and utility services to the next year, was adopted in Ukraine.
Subsidies-2018: different addresses – income multiplied by two
When allocating a subsidy to husband and wife, registered at different addresses, their incomes will be taken into account twice.
Applications for compensation payment are being accepted in Konstantinovka
Several thousand townspeople will be paid money for saved gas only through banks.
Eight housefronts are being reconstructed in Kramatorsk
Eight housefronts located in the center and near the station square will be reconstructed in Kramatorsk for the celebration of the anniversary of the City Day.
Is mass creation of condominium associations postponed in Ukraine?
Condominium associations are not created in 80% of high-rise buildings in Ukraine
It is planned to postpone the entry into force of the law “On Housing and Utility Services”.
Rent will become more expensive in Druzhkovka from June 1
The rent rises in price by 5%
The increase in the tariff for maintenance of the multi-unit sector by 5% was approved by the executive committee during the next meeting. It will be necessary to pay at the new prices from June 1.
The government wants to put an end to the development of urban infrastructure
Communities can remain without a financial resource
The bill “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Motivation of Investment Activities in Ukraine” (No. 8124 of March 15, 2018) may lead to a significant underfunding of the investment needs of territorial communities.
An exhibition of municipal engineering took place in Druzhkovka
More than 30 types of equipment were presented at the exhibition
In the morning, on May 15, the Molodezhnaya Square turned into an exhibition center – utility companies showed equipment serving the city to the residents of Druzhkovka.
The current authorities of the Crimea refused to desalinate water
The “authorities” of the Crimea recognized the impossibility of desalination of sea water on the peninsula because of the high cost
The current authorities of the Crimea reported that it was impossible to solve the problem with drinking water on the peninsula by desalination of sea water. They say, it is impossible for a number of reasons.
Can the residents of Kovstantinovka affect the increase in the cost of travel in buses?
So, whether we, working citizens, pay for the fare on the bus by 50 UAH per month more, depends only on the decision of the members of the executive committee.
The sum that Ukrainians owe for public utilities was named
The lowest level of payment was recorded in the Lugansk region
The Ukrainians owed 38.5 billion UAH in payment for housing and utility services in March 2018. This amount is shown without consideration of debts for electricity.
Changes in the allocation of subsidy will affect most Ukrainian families
The innovations will lead to the fact that tens of thousands of Ukrainians can remain without this type of state aid.
Pokrovsk: Deputies, voluntary helpers and citizens cleaned their favorite city
Several clean-up events were conducted on the eve of the May holidays in Pokrovsk
Alevtina Zhuk, the chief clerk of the executive committee noted that it was nice to see how quickly public figures responded to this initiative, thanked them for their participation in preparing the city for the holidays.
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