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Charity concert will be held in Konstantinovka
Charitable assistance to a well-known activist
Not indifferent residents of Konstantinovka organized another event to raise funds for the head of the art group “Svetlyachki” (Fireflies).
Book about the war in the Donbass is presented in Kramatorsk
A presentation of a book about the war in the Donbass will took place in Kramatorsk on the basis of the “Vіlna Khata” youth platform. It is called “To live against: problems of the civilian population during the war”.
Kramatorsk will become the intellectual capital of the Donbass
A unique event will take place already this weekend in Kramatorsk. The city will turn into the intellectual capital of the Donbass for two days.
Presentation of European projects for Ukraine will take place in Bakhmut
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The EU Delegation to Ukraine will hold a public presentation of projects for the city residents and all persons concerned.
There will be an open-air screening of the movie in Kramatorsk
The movie will be shown in the public garden named after T. Shevchenko on this Saturday, July 14. The show starts at 21:00.
463 children's camps will be opened in the Donetsk region
462 children's camps are planned to be open in the Donetsk region.
Motocross took place in Slavyansk
Motorcycle festival smoothly passed into a fire show and ended with a rock concert.
The Children's Day was celebrated for several days in Kramatorsk
In Kramatorsk, the Children's Day was celebrated in an admirable style. There was a series of thematic events in different parts of the city, which lasted several days.
Journalists will have a game with representatives of the Regional State Administration in Kramatorsk
Journalists and representatives of the Department of Family, Youth and Sport of the Donetsk Regional State Administration will have a game in the Bernadsky Garden in Kramatorsk.
The festival of robotechnics will be held in Kramatorsk
In the Palace of Culture and Technology: Novokramatorsky Machine Building Plant, a spectacular educational event will take place in Kramatorsk – the Regional children's robotics festival “RoboShіd”.
How much money did France invest in the development of Donbass's industry?
A unique exhibition is opened in the museum
The answer to this question can be found in the Museum of Local History of Konstantinovka.
Night frosts are expected in the Donetsk region
Frosts are expected in the morning and at night
Tomorrow, on Friday, May 11, weather forecasters predict frosts in the northern part of the Donetsk region.
Will Facebook cost money?
In the company Facebook there is a marketing study of the willingness of users to pay for access to a social network without advertising and improving confidentiality.
A large-scale festival “Gogol-Fest” started in Mariupol
The Gogol FEST Art Festival will be held in Mariupol for five days
What future professions can be mastered now?
Recently, operators of typewriters have been in demand. But now no one will pay for such a simple job. A huge number of new professions appear on the labor market every year.
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