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School copybooks may be toxic and cause allergies – the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection
Today one can see a wide range of stationery fit every taste and purse. But the main thing is quality.
Doctors from the US will hold a free reception of citizens in Pokrovsk
Reception of citizens will be carried out by American doctors
In Pokrovsk, the Central City Library named after Shevchenko invites everyone to a social and medical action, which will be held on August 8.
Suprun spoke about the safety rules during rain and thunderstorms
Ukrainians were reminded of how best to behave during a bad weather.
There are no vaccines for children in the capital's hospitals
There is a severe shortage of children's vaccines in Ukraine
There are no preventive children's vaccines against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus in Kiev, even in private clinics.
The Ministry of Health called the cause of poisoning in the children's camp “Yastrebok”
Kitchen in the camp “Yastrebok”
The number of poisoned in the children's camp “Yastrebok” has grown to 91 people. 76 children and 15 adults the affected.
The invention of the schoolgirl from Mariupol can solve the problem of world ecology
Screenshot from the video “News of Donbass”
Ekaterina Malkina, young resident of Mariupol, who had won the international genius Olympiad in 2018, told reporters about her project on non-waste polyethylene recycling using larvae of beetles.
Rabies vaccines: the MOH told how many doses were given to the regions
Vaccines are designed to treat and prevent rabies in adults and children
The Ministry of Healthcare noted that more than 39,000 doses of rabies vaccines had been delivered to the regions.
The process of choosing family doctor was changed
Since the beginning of the campaign called "Doctor for every family", 12 million Ukrainians have chosen their doctor.
Another person fell ill with diphtheria in Ukraine
Symptoms of diphtheria initially resemble angina. So with the first symptoms, doctors advise to immediately call a doctor.
Over 1,000 cases of measles were recorded for a week in Ukraine
The number of cases of measles has increased again: it is about a thousand cases across the country.
Doctors determined the dirtiest water bodies in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions
What are the water bodies in which it is prohibited to swim? Photo from open sources
The public health center of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine explored beaches for pollution and even published lists of water bodies where, according to doctors, it is not recommended to swim.
How did the vaccination schedule for children change in Ukraine?
Vaccinations for children in Ukraine are made from the first days of their life. They will be done today, but only on a different schedule.
What will happen with those who did not sign the declaration with the doctors before the 1st of July?
According to the Ministry of Health, from July 1, Ukrainians will still be able to receive medical care in any health care institution, even if the declaration is not yet signed.
The Medical Development Program was adopted in Pokrovsk
Deputies adopted the Medical Development Program of Pokrovsk
Medical assistance to the population of the cities of Pokrovsk, Rodinskoye and Shevchenko is provided by five medical institutions. One of them is the first level, the rest is the second one. The analysis revealed that the city's healthcare system does not fully meet th...
Free medicines were sent to hospitals of Ukraine
If medications available in medical institutions are not given to the patient free of charge, then he/she must write an application either to the name of the head physician or to the name of the head of the health department.
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