A dangerous road section is being repaired in Kramatorsk

8 june 2018, 20:45 | officially | Kramatorsk

The work on capital and breakdown repairs of the road surface continues in Kramatorsk. This time, the utility workers began to repair the dangerous site, which was occured in the Old part of the city.

Crossroads of several roads, located near the school № 6, have long been the focus of both drivers and local authorities. During operational meetings, Andrey Pankov, the Mayor of the city, repeatedly stressed the need to repair the dangerous site along B. Sadovaya Street, whereby the utility providers answered that all work would be done, but later (according to plan).

Today, from the very morning, the work on repairing the emergency section of the road began in the Old part of the city. Several utility vehicles were operating on the site, performing various tasks.