“Clean Coast of the Donets”: Water-management specialists celebrated the professional holiday with cleaning

5 june 2018, 20:40 | initiative | Slavyansk

Annually on the first Sunday of June, water industry workers are honored in Ukraine. The staff of the Seversky-Donets Basin Water Management Unit held an action “Clean Coast of the Donets” on this day and cleaned the left bank of the river within Svyatogorsk.

A total of about 70 packages with domestic garbage were collected on the shores of the Seversky Donets: glass and plastic bottles, different wrappers, disposable tableware – the remains of outdoor recreation.

At the same time, on the International Children's Day the management of the Holy Mountains National Park organized a contest of children's drawings on asphalt called “I paint my native land”. It was organized for young admirers of nature. Children enthusiastically chalked not only trees and flowers, sun in a peaceful sky and carefree animals, but also tried to put their love for nature and Ukraine in their drawing. Diplomas from the Seversky-Donets Basin Water Management Unit, bright information materials from the Holy Mountains National Park and sweets to each child from the public organization “Seversky Donets-Renaissance” became a reward for diligence.