Grytsenko told what price Ukraine would pay for the military return of the Donbass

12 june 2018, 13:23 | world & human, history
Tens of thousands of people may die due to the military return of the Donbass
Tens of thousands of people may die due to the military return of the Donbass

If the Donbass or the Crimea be returned by military means, tens of thousands of people will die, and Ukraine is not ready to pay such a price.

This was stated on the air of the ICTV channel by Anatoliy Grytsenko, the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the chairman of the “Civil Position” party.

The Ex-Minister of Defense answered the question whether Ukraine can return the Donbass militarily.

“I am a military man and I understand what it is. I'll tell you so. If now, or tomorrow, or six months later, the President of Ukraine, and he is the supreme commander-in-chief, gave the order to deploy a large-scale offensive and liberate these territories – then we must understand what the consequences will be,” – Grytsenko said.

“Tens of thousands of dead on each side. Are we ready? If we are talking about the Crimea, then there are 50,000 of them at least,” – he added.

Also, Grytsenko believes that such an order would cause the fact that the Russian Federation would have been lifted sanctions, but these sanctions would have been issued against Ukraine.

“The price is too high. And the country, the state, society are not ready to pay it,” – the Ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine summed up.

According to him, it is necessary to rely on the international community and act together in the current situation.