How is the medical reform in Druzhkovka?

11 june 2018, 13:52 | officially | Druzhkovka
Provision of family doctor's medical services is free of charge
Provision of family doctor's medical services is free of charge

The first stage of reforming the medical system in Ukraine started on April 1. In this case, the patient was given the leading role – it is he who decides with which of the family doctors to conclude a long-term contract.

The salary of a doctor will depend directly on the number of patients who have concluded a contract with him. Residents of Druzhkovka can choose from 30 doctors: 4 therapists, 24 family doctors and 2 pediatricians. However, not everyone is in a hurry to do this.

As of May 25, more than 13 thousand residents of Druzhkovka signed the declaration. Local residents from 40 to 64 years proceeded responsibly to the choice of a doctor; in total, 4410 declarations were signed. People of advanced years (from 65 years) are in the second place, there are 3484 people of them. The residents of Druzhkovka of age from 18 to 39 years have concluded 2896 contracts. There are the following ones among the small ones: children from birth to 5 years – 882 declarations, and children from 6 to 17 years – 1723.

According to Elena Desnova, the head of the city's health department, a guaranteed package of primary health care includes the provision of free medical services, regardless of how many procedures or tests are prescribed by a doctor.

An urgent issue for residents of the city is the following: is it possible to call a doctor at home after the reform? Elena Desnova notes that the call to the house is not canceled. However, now you do not need to call the registry to call a doctor. The patient can call the doctor's phone number in the contract and tell about problems with his/her health. The doctor will decide whether to visit the patient, according to the symptoms said by phone.