“Red” Mode: The “Majorsk” Checkpoint is temporarily closed

8 june 2018, 11:22 | officially

The “Majorsk” Checkpoint temporarily suspended the pass of citizens. Red mode is introduced, meaning temporary restriction or prohibition of citizens staying in this zone.

Information is relevant for the morning of June 8. Eyewitnesses are reporting about the closure of the checkpoint, as well as the charity fund “Right to Protection”.

“According to the information provided by the monitors of the charity fund “Right to Protection”, today, on June 8, as of 9:20, the “red” mode was introduced at the Majorsk Checkpoint”, – the report said.

At the moment, the people in the zone left the checkpoint.

The source “Vchasno” informs that the stoppage of the work of the border guards occurred because of the shelling by uncontrolled territories. According to the news agency, Zhovanka was under fire in the morning.