Will the residents of the Donbass drink water with naphthalene?

13 june 2018, 10:33 | officially
Phenolic Plant in Novgorod / informator.media
Phenolic Plant in Novgorod / informator.media

Representatives of the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine report damage to the tailing dam of the Phenolic Plant in Novgorod. More than 270 tons of hazardous chemical wastes are located inside of this plant.

This is reported by Informator.

The Ministry noted that the current state of the dam was emergency one. Repair work is impossible due to constant shelling, since the industrial plant is located near the border line.

The representatives of the agency believe that in case of further destruction, a dam may break through, which is currently filled with substances containing phenol and naphthalene. This situation is critical. If there is a breakthrough, the chemicals will enter the canal from which the residents on both sides of the border line consume drinking water.

The Phenolic Plant in Novgorod was the only company in the CIS that was engaged in the processing of chemicals containing phenol and naphthalene.