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The richest community of the Donetsk region still lives without a flag, an emblem and a hymn
The community is looking for authors of official symbols
Shakhovskaya Joint Territorial Community (JTC) is the most successful community of the Donetsk region and one of the richest communities in Ukraine – has so far “not get” a personal flag, an emblem and an anthem.
Problems with water supply are expected in Konstantinovka again
Water supply will be stopped
On September 25, Tuesday, the Second Donetsk Water Pipeline will stop the supply of water.
Alerting services will be checked in Mariupol
The residents of Mariupol are asked to be understanding of it and keep calm during this check.
What is the future of the gymnasium in Konstantinovka?
Former building of the gymnasium in Konstantinovka
The building of the school is still immobilized.
What does Donetsk airport look like now?
Donetsk airport before and after
There was a video in the network of the Donetsk airport.
Ukraine reduced its production of milk, sausages and oils
Illustrative image / Photo from open sources
In addition, the production of confectionery and yoghurt grew in Ukraine.
Belarusians won a tender for the construction of roads in Ukraine
The tender cost was 695 million UAH.
IMF suggests Kiev privatizing customs
Ukraine should turn to the world practice in the issue of privatization
Ukraine was proposed to revise the attitude to the list of objects that are supposedly impossible to be privatized.
Borys Kolesnikov answered the questions of residents of Mariupol
Borys Kolesnikov answered the exciting questions of the inhabitants of Mariupol
The citizens of Mariupol got clear answers to the urgent questions.
Prosecutor's Office of the Donetsk Region demands abolishing the status of the Russian language as a community one
Remove the status of a community language
In order for the Russian language to be not recognized as community one on the territory of the Donetsk region, the Prosecutor's Office of the Donetsk region should cancel the decision of the regional council.
Annual appeal of the President to the Parliament: Poroshenko acknowledged the absence of improvements in Ukraine
Poroshenko appealed to the parliament
The President listed the tasks of the authorities, which were impossible to accomplish during his term.
Smuggled goods totaling to a million UAH were seized at the checkpoint near Mariupol
On September 19, during the inspection of the Mercedes-Benz Vito car, a smuggled consignment of goods was found in the facing of the car at the "Gnutovo" Checkpoint near Mariupol. The man tried to smuggle 69 mobile phones Xiaomi, Meizu and Oukitel through the checkpoint...
Territory of Donbass remains mined
Military operations hamper the demining of the region
Martin Sajdik, the OSCE Special Representative, called the east of Ukraine one of the most mined areas in the world.
Druzhkovka: More than 150 million UAH were attracted for the implementation of projects
Druzhkovka received funds from various financial sources
In 2018, Druzhkovka received funds from various sources of funding for the implementation of projects. The total amount of investments is 154 million 100 thousand UAH.
European Union explained the reduction of financial assistance to Ukraine
Ukraine is emerging from the crisis, the EU believes
Previously, Petro Poroshenko said that Kiev would receive two billion euros from Brussels, but the agreement had been signed for a one billion.
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