Regional multimedia edition “ZI”


    The modern regional multimedia publication “ZI” has been providing the full, timely and
objective coverage of important events for more than 85 years, informing the public about
the achievements and complexities of the industrial and agrarian region, satisfying social and
commercial information needs of a wide readership.

      If you want to differ advantageously from your competitors, entrust this to us and we will
make sure that you are noticed. We will execute your order at a high professional level with
quality and price that you like.

Our services:

Advertising information services in the regional newspaper “ZI”:

     The large circulation and scope of the newspaper will definitely allow us conveying our
numerous subscribers and readers any information, be it announcements, congratulations or

Advertising on the website

       ZI.DN.UA – is information and news portal which rapidly covers important events. On
our pages you can find a lot of useful and varied information on any topics exciting you. The
site is constantly evolving and growing; every visitor finds something useful for themselves
on it.

Website sections are updated every minute, allowing you to find absolutely any information
you are interested in. Daily news, thousands of articles, events, posters, weather forecast,
interesting facts, constant updates of sections.
Advertising on billboards:

        The regional multimedia publication “ZI” provides services for placing outdoor
advertising on the busiest routes and in large gatherings of people in Konstantinovka and
Druzhkovka. Favorable location of billboards will be noticed by potential buyers. Our
company fully organizes the placement, development and gluing of layouts.

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