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Weather in Donetsk region on the 25th of September
On Tuesday, September 25, the weather in the Donetsk region is expected to be cool. Throughout the day, the sky will be covered with clouds. In the early morning it is possible to face rain, which will last until noon.
Reconstruction of Gurova Park started in Mariupol
Large-scale reconstruction works began in Gurova Park. In the renovated park there will be a pedestrian fountain, a barbecue area and a new cascade fountain along the staircase descent from the People's Hall “Ukrainian House” to the concert stage, local journalists repo...
School of Arts of Kramatorsk received new equipment for creating videos and cartoons
Students of the School of Arts No. 3 received a long-awaited gift on the City Day. The children were given new equipment, through which they will be able to create videos, short films and cartoons.
Strong fall in temperature is expected in Ukraine, - weather forecasters
Illustrative image / Photo from open sources
According to Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, a sharp change in weather conditions is expected throughout the country on September 23 and 24. Weather forecasters predict significant fall in temperature, rains with thunderstorms and increased wind velocity.
Several cases of botulism were recorded in the Donetsk region
The press service of the Health Protection Department of the Donetsk regions reports that three new cases of botulism have been recorded recently.
First free operation using angiograph was carried out in Mariupol
The first free heart operation was performed in the cardiocenter of Mariupol
The first free heart surgery was carried out using angiograph in the new cardiology center of the Emergency Hospital of Mariupol.
UN sent a truck with medical goods to the uncontrolled Donbass
The UN regularly helps people of the Donbass
The truck with medical goods from the UN crossed the Novotroitskoye Checkpoint
Popular drug for liver treatment was banned in Ukraine
Popular remedy for hepatitis was banned in Ukraine
Such a decision was adopted by the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control.
Large street art painting appeared in the center of Mariupol
It is known that the canvas is created under the grandiose project, but while the city authorities keep intrigue and do not show down, promising to talk about the project in the near future.
Dobropolye celebrated the Day of Liberation of Donbass
Residents of Dobropolye laid flowers at the memorial of the dead soldiers-countrymen / Photo by City Council of Dobropolye
A solemn event on the occasion of the Day of Liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders took place in Dobropolye.
UN sent medical equipment to the DNR
The UN regularly helps the people of the Donbass
One truck with humanitarian supplies, namely with medical equipment, crossed the “Novotroitskoye” Checkpoint.
Government of Ukraine banned the activities of traditional practitioners
No more advertising in Ukraine like "the healer Katerina will relieve all diseases".
The Ministry of Healthcare is against the holding of school assembly
The department believes that school assemblies is harmful to health
The Ministry of Healthcare claims that school assemblies can harm both physical and mental health of people.
Festival “Feel the East” will be held for the first time in the Donetsk region
A festival of youth creativity will be held in the region
There are no analogues of such an open festival of youth contemporary art in Ukraine.
Ukrainians are threatened by three strains of influenza. Are there any vaccines?
Three strains of influenza will be circulating in Ukraine, among which the most dangerous one – "Michigan"
Three strains of the influenza virus are expected during the new epidemic season in Ukraine: Michigan, Singapore and Colorado.
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