Fuel prices sharply jumped in Donetsk

13 june 2018, 12:05 | officially
Photo from open sources
Photo from open sources

Residents of Donetsk said in the social network that on June 12, there was a sharp jump in price of fuel at gasoline stations uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government part of the region. According to them, the price hike will continue.

This is reported by Donetsk News.

“The most interesting thing ahead ... Today, at the gas stations in Donetsk, the price of fuel sharply increased again. It was reported that the price would rise onwards,” – the message said.

Many users note that an increase in the price of fuel is not so serious a problem as its complete absence at many gas stations of Donetsk.

“The price is one problem, but when there is fuel enough in the tank only to the nearest gas station, on which there is no gasoline – that's another problem! Where is gasoline???” – the user Maxim wrote.

Residents of the occupied city complain about the increase in gas prices, which many cars use. Many users believe that owners of such filling stations decided to increase the price “for the ride” with gasoline filling stations.

“That’s how we do. We saw that most of people use gas, and decided to raise the price of gas, so to speak, for the ride. They think: why do we lose money? And soon the prices for products will be raised. People will complain for a week or two. Then, there will be news on TV that everything is bad, that everything is complicated, but you are sticking like glue to us with the prices for fuel,” – Valeriy wrote.

Meanwhile, one of the users of the network took a photo, which clearly shows the current fuel prices in Donetsk. So, for a liter of 98th gasoline one needs to give 56 rubles, for a liter of 95th gasoline – 52 rubles. Prices also increased for diesel fuel. One liter of diesel fuel will cost 54 rubles. The gas also does not to lag behind, which on the background of a general increasing in price, is increased in price – 27 rubles per liter of fuel.