Only 3% of waste is recycled in Ukraine

7 june 2018, 12:09 | business

To date, only 3% of the waste is recycled in Ukraine in order to reuse them. Such a statement was made by Ostap Semerak, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources.

“Last year, the government approved the Waste Management Strategy developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources in cooperation with international experts, which became the first document of independent Ukraine, which determines the vector of development of this sphere. If we talk about household wastes, for example, now only 3% of them are recycled and reused,” – Semerak says.

At the same time, it is planned that Ukraine will recycle up to 70% of waste by 2030. It should be recalled that earlier the Ministry of Natural Resources noted that 99% of landfills do not meet modern environmental requirements in Ukraine.

Now the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources compiles a list of the largest polluters of the environment.